Can I download as many templates as I like?

Yes, please do.

Where did all of these free poker templates come from?

All of these templates were designed by a team of professional and experienced web designers.

Why are all of these templates free of charge?

We enjoy making website templates, and don't believe in charging people money just for using one. At the same time, a small number of our web designers are poker affiliates, and often use these templates to start their own poker websites. I guess this website has basically become a free resource for anyone who wishes to use it.

How do I edit these templates, so I can start my own poker website?

All of these templates are pretty easy to edit. It's simply a matter of choosing your favourite HTML editor, and custom designing each section of the web page. A list of free programs has been provided on the free programs page, to make that process even easier.

Where can I get free graphics to add to my poker template?

The best way to find free photos, and free graphics, is to do a Google search. Simply type in the name of a graphic you are searching for in Google, e.g. Poker, then click search. At that point, click the "images" tab, and do an "advanced search". Make sure that the images you are looking for are "free to use, share, or modify".